Care Package Fun

Hey all! Seems like I've had a TON of people swinging by to check out care package ideas. Which is totally awesome, except that my blog is a mishmash of so much stuff you might have trouble finding them all. So here's my (ever growing) list of care packages.

Mostly I'll just be posting THEMED  care packages. The other boxes I send out are very much like my blog...a total mishmash. Good thing Huzzy likes that!

Staying Healthy

For the guy who's trying to watch what he eats, send off a Staying Healthy kit. Lots of trail mix, meal bars, and a energy drink kicker.

Super Hero Survival Kit


To the super hero in your life - The super hero survival kit. Includes everything your hungry super hero needs to restore their seriously depleted energy reserves. Super cute and easy, great idea for young kids to make for Daddy.

Mess Deck Survival Kit

For service members missing that taste of home, a Mess Deck Survival Kit. 

A Night At The Movies

A Night At The Movies care package - Candy, popcorn, more candy, and oh yeah! Don't forget the movie!

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Take Me Out To The Ball Game care package - Great gift idea for big baseball fans who are missing games (or the whole season) thanks to deployment.

Do you have any fun care package ideas? Send an email over to!