Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Themed Care Package Fun - (Super) Hero Nurishment Kit

Yup, another care package post. Sorry guys, but this is pretty much all I've been doing lately. Besides taking care of the kid, the dog, the house, the car, the cooking, the cleaning, the yard work... Yeah...

Every kid's hero is their Daddy, so why not put together a special kit for him? It's extremely simple to make and is sure to bring a smile to his face.

The original idea was found over at Alpha Mom as well as both PDF pages of labels, here and here.

 I didn't get the bags recommended, mostly because I forgot to pick them up when I went shopping. I just used the small snack size Ziploc bags. They worked great though. 

I also just taped the labels on. You could  get real adhesive or print everything off on label paper, but I'm pretty lazy and Huzzy sure as heck won't care.

 We included a card from Baby Girl to her Hero.

I love that it all fits perfectly in this container. I let Baby Girl cover it in 4th of July stickers, and I'll be wrapping it up before it goes in the next care package. 

The only thing I didn't bother using was the label for "Hero Juice". I know a lot of girls mail off drinks, but I'm not sure I trust it to make it there without exploding. It's bad enough the candy bar will be melted when it gets there, but it's all individually wrapped. He can stick it in the fridge or just lick the paper, I don't care. The wrapper was too cute to not use. LOL

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Planning Is For Pansies

Most people actually make plans in life. I'm not talking about the what-should-we-have-for-dinner type of plans, I mean the drastic-life-change type of plans.

I don't think I've ever really made up my mind about whether I wanted to be a "planner" or not, and half the time it really seems like I'm just making it up as I go. But whereas most people will fly by the seat of their pants about unimportant decisions, I tend to over think the simple things. The big decisions are the ones I make randomly, with little to no warning. Just because I was bored.

Seven years ago I was so undecided about whether or not to renew the lease on my apartment that it literally became too late. The choice was made for me due to my own inaction. I had little interest in moving back home, and I hadn't bothered to find another living space. Instead of sitting down and making a real plan at this point, I just jumped into the first interesting thing that came up.

I sold half my stuff, stuck the rest in storage and bought a one-way ticket to Ireland. I'd never flown before, so I hoped I wasn't going to get sick. I showed up in a foreign country with a rather large backpack, a tent, a guide book and absolutely no clue where I was even going to sleep that night. It was AWESOME. I spent a few weeks traveling between Ireland and Scotland before finally flying home and getting myself another job and apartment.

Not long after that I was complaining to a new friend about my crappy job. She jokingly suggested I join the Navy.

I enlisted a week later.

People thought I was joking when I said I joined on a whim, but really that's what it was. I wasn't doing anything better at time, and it didn't seem like a bad  idea. So why not?

This week I made another random decided-in-less-than-24-hours decision. Although not quite so life-altering.

I enrolled in college.

That's right, I'm going back to school. I tried this once fresh out of high school, and let's just say that I didn't have the motivation or the discipline at the time to follow through. Also, I had no idea what I wanted to do with myself. Not really. Although I think it's rare to find a 17 year old who does.

I don't know if I'll ever actually use this degree, and to be honest I don't care. My wonderfully useful GI Bill is covering it, so the money isn't an issue. Really, I feel like I need to do this. I feel this deep need to finish something. To accomplish something.

So off I go. To college land. I was always a good student (when I cared enough to go to class) but I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. It has been years since I've been in school. I hope I haven't forgotten anything.

Here goes nothing I guess!

How about you? Ever made a big decision on a whim?

Monday, May 21, 2012

Themed Care Package Fun - Mess Deck Survival Kit

Continuing the recent theme of posts, it's time for another Care Package!

Now, this one isn't quite a one-size-fits-all theme. But for those of you who have service members gripping about horrible food (especially those stuck out to sea) this might at least get the creative juices flowing.

If you don't know much about food on naval vessels, allow me to explain to you.

It sucks! And I'm not blaming the poor cooks on board. You can't make a 5 star dining experience out of food that is clearly labeled as "Not fit for human consumption". I wish I were kidding.

They get to eat the same horrible crap day in and day out for months at a time. There's a reason why a lot of sailors - Huzzy included - can't eat eggs without Texas Pete or some kind of hot sauce. You need to put SOMETHING on this food to mask the horrible-ness of it all.

Anyway, so this care package theme is Mess Deck Survival. I put in things I thought Huzzy would enjoy and would (hopefully) help him mask the taste of that God awful crap they call food. If your guy isn't a big fan of this stuff get creative! You know your guy best. Pack the stuff you know he likes!

So without further ado...

Mess Deck Survival Kit

Individual packets of Peanut Butter
Individual packets of ketchup
Various hot sauces
Bacon bits
5-6 of every dipping sauce McDonald's carries
A handful of every sauce packet Taco Bell carries

And when the food is so bad you need a back up plan:

Cup of Noodles
Homemade brownies
A tin of tuna and crackers

I don't think I can stress enough how many sauce packets/dipping sauces there are in this box. It is FULL UP.

Don't worry, the brownies are hidden underneath!

What would you  put in a mess deck survival kit?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

RIP - Every Plant in My Yard...

Last year I made a big deal out of redoing my yard. Well, the garden area at least. It looked like a jungle and very much needed to be revamped.

This year I've given up hope. Why? Because anything that I plant is ripped out or chewed up. Anything that dares to try and grow on its own is likewise destroyed. Baby Girl and Misty (our puppy) actually seem to work together in an effort to destroy my yard.

Don't believe me?

This is pretty much what happened with every single growing thing in our yard. Including an azalea bush and a rosebush. I kid you not.

And people wonder why I'm just not bothering this year. 

Bonus points if you get the reference in the last picture. Hint - It's old, so chances are slim that the youngsters are going to get it. (Did I really just say youngsters?)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Product Reviews And A (Small) Giveaway

So a while back I signed up for Smiley360. I had heard pretty decent things about them, and figured what the hell. I mean I sign up for all kinds of useless stuff anyway. Within a few weeks I was given two new missions and it was looking pretty sweet. Then it hit a lull. Seriously I didn't qualify for a mission for about a couple months.

But it looks like lady luck is smiling down on me, as I have four new missions! Three of these actually give you the product to sample first, which is a total win in my book. I love trying new stuff but I hate spending money to do so. What if I hate it? What a waste of money! So this is an awesome way to try a new product without spending a dime.

Anyway, I've completed two of these missions, so I thought I'd share that with you guys today!

Mission One - Mystery Lotion? New and Improved Vaseline® Total Moisture®

OK, so this was actually pretty fun to do. Basically they sent me out a 3oz container of a mystery lotion, which I was then to try and fill out a survey on. Easy-peasy. They didn't actually tell me what it was until after everything was all submitted. I think that's actually a really smart way for them to do it honestly.

I was actually very surprised to find out it was Vaseline. I've never in my life used their lotion, but I guess I was expecting something more greasy. I was impressed with how quickly my skin absorbed it, and I definitely didn't get that gross greasy feeling afterwards. The smell was nice, and it wasn't too much. Personally I hate lotions that are too  smelly. If I want to smell like flowers or puppies or whatever I'll wear some perfume.

Anyway, I was impressed enough with the lotion that I actually used all of it and will now need to go get more. Maybe that was their plan all alone. Like how drug dealers let your try stuff before hand so you get addicted and then you're their customer for life. I'm assuming that's how it works, based on second-hand stories and bad cable TV shows.

This lotion gets an A from me.

Mission Two - ARM & HAMMER® Sensitive Toothpaste

Now this I was a little dubious about. I've never actually tried Arm & Hammer toothpaste. I'm a Crest kid. Always have been. I've tried Colgate before and I hate the way that stuff tastes. Nastiness.

But again I figured why not? It isn't costing me anything, so if I hate it I'm not out money. And not only were they sending me a full size tube of toothpaste, but they also sent me four samples to hand out. Super win!

I started using it the day after it came in the mail. First off - taste! I know this isn't as important with some people, but if I have to use toothpaste multiple times a day then I don't want to gag on it, you know? But the Arm & Hammer stuff actually wasn't bad. The box says it's a "fresh mint" flavor, but honestly it tasted really, really bland to me. I don't know how to better describe it. I think my tap water has more flavor than this stuff. (Of course, ours is city water that is probably killing us slowly, so perhaps not the best comparison.)

Bright side? Little to no taste means I definitely wasn't gagging on it.

It's also supposed to help whiten teeth, and I do think I see a difference between now and when I started using it (about a week now). So in my experience it does work, but the Crest I was using wasn't a whitening toothpaste so I'm not sure if the Arm & Hammer is better than what else is out there.

As far as sensitivity goes... Well, Arm & Hammer got there late on this one. The only tooth I had that was bothering me just got a good old fashioned root canal, so I haven't had any issues with sensitivity.

Overall I'd give it a B+. Good toothpaste, but honestly I think I'll just stick with Crest. Those guys know just what I want my toothpaste to taste like.

Also, I'm a creature of habit when it comes to toothpaste. Don't ask.

Oh, and if you managed to read it this far.... 

I have 4 samples of this to give away!

I'm not bothering with a crazy Rafflecopter thing for this, so all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite toothpaste is! I'll pick 4 people at random (assuming more than 4 people post comments) on Friday, May 18th.

Oh, and if you haven't done it yet you should totally go sign up for Smiley. It's so worth it and it doesn't cost anything!

Disclaimer: If you've read this whole post you know that I was given these samples to try. Everything written is my own truthful opinion. Seriously, they aren't paying me off to tell you what toothpaste to buy. If they did I would totally have to pay them back anyway since I still like Crest. I wonder...If they did pay people for reviews and they still got bad reviews would they send hired goons to go collect their money? Or break legs? Do toothpaste companies have hired goons? Is anyone still reading this? See, this is why I don't get paid for this shit. Also I've managed to work drug dealers and hired goons into this post. TOTAL.WIN.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cheerios Are Now Banned In My Home

In case you were wondering how many Cheerios are in those cereal boxes....

Might be hard to see, but trust me, they're everywhere.

This pretty much spread throughout the house.

Apparently one box is more than my vacuum can hold.

The answer is MILLIONS.

This is what I get for going to the bathroom by myself.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Keeping Daddy Involved When He's Not Home - Deployment Survival Techniques

Since I've started this blog I've had a lot of moms asking for ways to keep Daddy 'present' in their child's daily life. Though this list is by no means complete, and everyone does this differently, I thought I would tell you all how we keep things going in our household.

1. Make Memories

First and foremost, when we know a deployment is coming we start trying to plan a lot of family time together. Since our daughter is still young, it's unreasonable to expect her to really remember everything for long. There's a reason why we keep multiple cameras and video recorders in our house. Take lots of pictures. Lots and lots. And when you think you've taken too many, take some more. A lot of people get family pictures done as well.

This will give your child something he or she can actually look at to help remember spending time with Daddy. Don't delete the silly pictures because you're embarrassed. Those are the pictures you'll want to hang on to the most. Make sure there are lots of pictures with Daddy and the kid(s). Put these pictures up everywhere.

Kids cling to the silliest things that you wouldn't even think of. Baby Girl will sometimes walk around all day with her Daddy's expired driver's license clutched in her little hand.

Though no one likes to think about it, there are always risks with deployments. It doesn't matter where he is sent. Though I try to push it to the very back of my mind, I always wonder... Being a military spouse means facing harsh realities. What if this were the last chance you were ever going to get to take pictures of him? Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Snap away, ladies.

2. Videos Of Daddy

Last deployment I convinced Huzzy to record himself reading books. I never thought it was going to be the big deal it turned out to be. Baby Girl watched her video daily, and even at bedtime she preferred hearing the books that Daddy read to her. She was only 6 months old when he left, she had no understanding of what was going on or why Daddy was gone. But she did know that Daddy would show up in the TV and read her stories...for as long as she wanted.

You don't have to stop with just recording videos with him reading. Have your service member record messages to be played at specific time, such as:
  • Birthdays
  • Holidays
  • Graduation
  • Special school or family events

3. Security Items

Most kids have some sort of security item. It might be a blanket, a specific toy, a binky. When Daddy leaves, give them something to help remember him. There are a million different options, but here are a few I love:

  • Build-a-Bear - If you have one of these awesome stores near you, you should check it out. I'll warn you, it isn't cheap but it is so worth it. Your child can make and dress their own bear, and Daddy can record a special message to go inside of it. 
  • Operation Kid Comfort - These awesome people makes quilts for kids 6 and under that include pictures of their deployed parent.
  • Daddy Dolls - You need to have a full length picture of your service member to order one of these adorable dolls.

4. Don't Shy Away From Talking About Daddy

I know that when Huzzy leaves I kind of just want to pretend like nothing is different. The first few weeks I actively avoid phone calls from family and friends calling to see "how I'm handling it". It doesn't seem real yet. It hurts.

This is a painful time for everyone, and especially for children. Even though you are hurting too, you have to help them get through it.

Make talking about Daddy a normal and every day thing. It will help the kids to know that Daddy is still a part of their lives, even if he isn't there physically. If the children are old enough, make sure he is sending them letters or emails that are just for them. If they're too young to read on their own read it to them. When they ask questions about Daddy be as truthful as you can without scaring them. That too, will depend on how old they are.
    Some families still set a place at the table for Daddy. Some do countdowns. Everyone deals with this differently. Just make sure that your child(ren) know that they can talk about Daddy, and it's ok to miss him. Help them get excited about homecoming by thinking up fun things to do as a family once he returns.

    5. Keep Daddy Feeling Involved

    Lord knows that he isn't going to be able to help with every decision or every mini crisis you experience during deployment. Being deployed is tough. Being deployed and away from your children is heartbreaking. They know they're missing moments and memories they'll never be able to get back. They know they'll have to hear about first accomplishments through phone calls and email. It doesn't really get easier.

    One thing I like to do is ask Huzzy's opinion on a lot of stuff. That probably sounds pretty silly. I mean, we do that normally, right? If he's home sure. But how many times have you just done what you thought was best while they're gone and not had a second thought about it?

    I know a lot of the time I will have to make a decision before he can email me back. But I do it anyway. I tell him what's going on at home, I ask his opinions and I try to keep him involved in the way we run our family.

    Trust me, it may seem silly but it's much better than him feeling as if he has no real say or input for 6 months or more. It's the little things that matter.

    And like earlier, pictures. Lots of pictures. I take a picture of Baby Girl for every day he is gone. Every single day. It's a pain, but it is so worth it. I take video. A ridiculous amount of video. He may not be here for everything, but I try to catch it all on film.

    In our care packages, flash drives are the most precious thing you can get.

    This has been a pretty long post, and there's always more to add to it but hopefully this will help out those of you who were looking for help.

    To those of you who have gone through deployments with children, what would you add to the list?

    Monday, May 14, 2012

    I'll Stop Pinning After I'm Dead

    The last week or so has really taken it out of me. By the time I get Baby Girl settled for the night, get the puppy settled for the night and finish doing the dishes I'm wiped. I haven't even had the energy to do a true blue update in some time.

    So today I'm just going to share with you some of the awesome things I've pinned lately. Huzzah!

    In Crafts:

    This apron is adorable. I just wish I had the time (and talent) to make one!

    Seriously, how cute are these?!

    In Geek Out:

    Definitely asking for this for my birthday.

    I'm too cheap to buy this, so maybe I'll just make myself one.

    In Homemade Gifts:

    These teacup candles are adorable. Plus, it's totally easy to find some nice looking teacups at the thrift store.

    And finally, in Funny :

    Thanks to this pin I know what it feels like to spray milk out of your nose. Uncomfortable.

    You know it's funny.

    Hopefully things will start calming down here and I'll actually get the time to post something vaguely interesting. Until then hope you're all doing well!

    Sunday, May 13, 2012

    Happy Mother's Day!

    I'll admit that I was pretty bummed this week as Mother's Day approached. This is my second Mother's Day. It's also the second Mother's Day Huzzy isn't home for.

    When your kid is this young they can't go to the store and buy you a card. They aren't able to make you breakfast in bed or even say  Happy Mother's Day. Usually it falls to the dad to take care of these things on the kid's behalf. The same goes for Father's Day.

    Last year I got my Mother's Day card a month and a half late thanks to the wonder of Navy mail. This year it actually arrived on time. So I guess I'm already having a better holiday. Huzzah!

    There is not time for me to take a day off. I'm the only one here. I can't lay in bed all day and relax, I won't be getting handmade gifts and drawings and really this day is just like any other.

    And I was bummed about that. (Hey, I'm human after all)

    But you know what? That's not the point of today. Sure, it's supposed to be a day for our children and families to thank us. But I think it's also a perfect day for us to be thankful as well.

    I'm thankful that I am a mother.
    I'm thankful that I have a beautiful, smart, energetic child who loves me even if she can't always express it.
    I'm thankful for all the time I'm able to spend with her, watching her grow and learn.
    I'm thankful that I've had another wonderful year of this.

    So I think today I will relax...kind of.

    Today I'll set aside the cleaning and the chores and do what you're supposed to do on holidays - spend it with my kid.

    Wednesday, May 9, 2012

    Themed Care Package Fun - A Night At The Movies

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    Please update your bookmarks!

    My Mailman Is An Evil Mastermind

    Deployments are hard on everyone. We know that. Well, we think we know. Really, you know that in theory it's hard, but only from your side. Like I know it's hard on Huzzy, but since I haven't been in his shoes I don't really know.

    Sometimes I forget how rough it is on him, but then he goes and does something so sweet and it just reminds me of how much he loves us and how rough it is on his as well.

    Huzzy isn't the letter-writing type. The only thing I demand of him while he is deployed is that he send home postcards from every port. He has to actually write something on the back and mail it from that country. I know it sounds weird to be so specific, but if I didn't say exactly what to do he would literally just buy them and hand them to me when he comes home. New and unused.

    I know a lot of people ask for trinkets and jewelry but to me the postcards are just so much more meaningful. I look forward to growing old with him (assuming we don't kill each other first) and having these postcards to look back on.

    A couple weeks ago Huzzy told me that he was actually writing me letters too. This probably sounds boring to most of you, but this is huge for us. He just doesn't really do that sort of thing. Huzzy will email me when he can, but he's never been a big letter writer. So I know he's missing us, and he's trying to stay connected. For that I love him like crazy.

    Not long after he told me he was writing letters I received the first one. Being too impatient to even get inside the house, I opened it right on the porch. And cried. He had actually written this very sweet letter to me. I loved it. I read it about a million times, put it back in the envelope and waited for my next letter.

    Well they haven't shown up. Not one more stinking letter! Huzzy keeps asking if I've gotten any, since apparently he has sent 10+ letters thus far and only one made it.

    My mailman is now a ninja. He used to come at the same time every day, but now it's like he hides in the bushes until I leave to quickly deliver the mail. Bills and junk mail and nothing else. That bastard knows what I'm waiting for!

    My best friend and I have decided that the mailman must be hoarding all the letters as part of some evil mastermind plan. I have no idea why  he would need them, but that must be the reason. You know, that or the Navy is just taking it's good old time.

    Either way, if I don't get another letter soon I'm going to set the mailman on fire. With my mind.

    I should probably bake him some cookies after this deployment as an apology for practically assaulting him on a daily basis. Or maybe if I made him cookies now  he would give up his evil plot and give me my letters. Holy hell, what if his whole plot is just to get cookies?

    I gotta go guys, I need to get my baking on.

    Evil masterminds like chocolate chip cookies, right?

    Tuesday, May 8, 2012

    My Kid The Nudist and Other Fun Times at the Zoo

    This week our hardwood floors are being redone. Yay! I can't express to you how happy this makes me. Our dining room floor has bothered me for years and now it will finally look halfway decent. I'm ecstatic.

    The only problem with this is that I had to find a way to keep Baby Girl out of the house practically all day yesterday and today. I managed it, but only barely. Yesterday I decided to take her to the zoo while they sanded everything down. Good plan, right? Just me and my daughter spending a nice day together at the zoo.

    Baby Girl really  likes the elephants. They weren't outside which really pissed me off since that's what she wanted to see so bad, but we did get to see them inside... a little. It kind of sucked.

    We ate lunch at the zoo and that was nice except she kept stealing my hamburger and tried to shove her chicken nuggets in my face. And I bought her a little stuffed elephant since she likes them so much. 

    There was a tiger that was very interested in Baby Girl . It was pretty far away behind glass and when it saw Baby Girl it just came walking over, jumped in the water and swam right up to the glass. And sat there. I don't think I ever realized how big those things are. Baby Girl kept saying "Kitty!" And I was all, "No, that is a tiger and it will rip your face off" but she totally wasn't scared. Toddlers.  

    Can't tell if the tiger wants to eat her or is just jealous that she has a sippy cup.

     She wanted to run around but I was afraid I would lose her so she mostly stayed in the stroller. When we went into the reptile house I figured it would be safe enough to let her walk around since she can't open the doors to get out and it's really just one hallway. Boy was I wrong. I put her in a cute little dress which, in hindsight, was probably a bad idea. As soon as I let her out of the stroller she bolted,.

    Then she stopped, whipped off her diaper and threw it, and started running away. EPIC. Thank GOD no one was in there to see it, though I'm sure they have camera and someone saw it. I grabbed her and the diaper and rushed off to the restroom as fast as I could. We left shortly after that. Not sure if I'm allowed at that zoo anymore. If I have to go back I refuse to do so without a wig and full disguise. Seriously guys, I was mortified.

    Kids wonder why their parents always seem to want to embarrass them. Well I know. It's paybacks, pure and simple. I'm already plotting my revenge.

    Oh, and my floors turned out awesome. The final coat went one this afternoon, and now I just have to get the trim put on and we're good to go. First project is nearly complete!

    I don't have pictures of my kid running around without her diaper on in public, because that's kiddie porn and ya'll should be ashamed of yourselves. Here are some cute pictures of her fully clothed at the zoo.

    Fake rhino, no worries. I'm not that bad of a mom.

    Also a fake turtle. Now I feel like a boring mom.

    I would have left her in there, but she probably would have started flinging poo at random people.

    Friday, May 4, 2012

    My Dog is an Idiot

    Yesterday I was planning on taking our puppy, Misty, to get her shots. She was due for some boosters as well as her rabies vaccine. Since I couldn't take her in until 10, I let her out in our newly fenced yard to play in the morning while I took care of the normal routine inside with Baby Girl. When I went outside to get Misty, she was gone.


    Somehow she pulled a Houdini and got out of the yard. We couldn't find her anywhere. I stuck Baby Girl in a stroller and wandered the neighborhood looking for her and had no luck. No one had seen her.

    Personally, I'm not incredibly fond of Misty. She's a sweet dog, but she still has lots of accidents in my house, jumps all over everything and chews anything she can get a hold of. She ate my rosebush. I wish I was kidding. Nothing is growing in my yard this year because of her. I don't hate her, but she does tick me off.

    Baby Girl on the other hand was having a fit. She went nuts trying to find her puppy. All I could think of was how this poor kid didn't understand why her daddy wasn't around, and now her puppy was gone too. I saw visions of very large therapy bills in our future.

    Eventually we went home and I started calling around. The first place I called was the local SPCA where we go for her shots.

    Guess who they had?

    Yeah, my dog. My dog who must have known she was due for a vet visit escaped from the yard only to be found, picked up, and taken to the one place she was trying to get away from. Way to go, dog. Brilliant.

    All I know is I might be able to live without this dog, but Baby Girl certainly can't. I'm so thankful and so relieved that she was found and returned to us.

    Thursday, May 3, 2012

    Adventures in Diaper-Caking

    Ok, so I promised some pictures and here they are. This was my first attempt at making a diaper cake so I'm hoping that next time it will come out better. Really it isn't terrible, but I think I should have focused on more of a "theme". Instead I just kind of grabbed every cute baby trinket I could and stuck they in there. There's binkys, bottles, baby shampoo, baby powder, toys... it's a little chaotic.

    Still, it's the thought that counts right? I'm pretty sure she's going to like it regardless.

    Wednesday, May 2, 2012

    Another Disappearing Act

    So the last couple weeks have been crazy! This week in particular has me insanely busy, so I know posts have been practically non-existent lately. I apologize!

    Along with the normal lack-of-Huzzy-so-everything-is-done-by-me-and-only-me, I've been busy with our FRG, home repairs and prepping to throw one of my friends a baby shower! And that's just this week. I know right? Crazy.

    So we had our first care package party today, which was kind of a bummer because we didn't have as many people show up as I would have liked. Still it was a good time, and Baby Girl had a blast playing in the yard with her friend. We got a couple boxes of candy goodies all packed and ready to mail to the ship, so I still consider it a success. Hopefully next month we'll grow in numbers. Keeping fingers crossed here.

    My friend is about 33 weeks along, and we have her baby shower planned for Saturday. Unfortunately she's been in and out of the hospital all week thanks to gestational diabetes and now what appears to be preeclampsia. Not fun. So we're hoping everything goes smoothly, and it's looking like her baby shower is just going to have to be really low key. I tried being crafty and making a diaper cake (first ever!) and it turned out.... OK. I guess. I need to get more ribbon honestly. I'll probably post a picture of this later so you can mock and laugh at me.

    And on top of all that I'm clearing out my dining room of any and all furniture so that the hardwood floor can get sanded down and re-stained next week.

    Oh, and did I mention Baby Girl has figured out how to open all the doors in the house?

    It's been a blast around here, let me tell you. Also, started watching Glee and that really sucks up all my spare time. I totally wasn't expecting it to be so good!

    Anyway, diaper cake pictures later and hopefully a really for reals post tomorrow....or maybe Friday. You know, we'll just play this by ear, k?