Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why is OPSEC So Important, You Ask?

You may or may not have read a story recently concerning Megan Born. She's an Army wife who recently made the news thanks to other people's inability to adhere to OPSEC.

Megan Born's husband had been serving in Army, and unfortunately he lost his life during a protest in Afghanistan. That in an of itself is heartbreaking. Every husband, wife, child, family member and friend worries when their loved one goes on deployment. Everyone knows that death is a possibility, but I doubt anyone is truly prepared for it.

When a soldier dies there are procedures to be followed. I don't know of a single milspouse who doesn't have a fear of uniformed soldiers showing up at her house, bible in hand, to deliver some very bad news. I know that I jump a little when there's an unexpected knock at my door while Huzzy is gone. It's a fear that we try to ignore, but it's always there.

Unfortunately for Megan Born  she did not get the calm, trained soldiers breaking the bad news to her. She found out through a text message from a fellow military spouse on post. A TEXT MESSAGE. Turns out it was already all over Facebook as well. Well isn't that just dandy?

No one is really taking blame in this, although there are plenty of people pointing fingers. Some are blaming the FRG for leaking the information. Others are blaming the Army. The Army is blaming the spouses. I'm not sure that we'll find out for sure who is to blame (though there is to be an investigation of course) but I cannot believe that someone along the way didn't stop to think, "Hey, should we really be spreading this stuff around?"

Last year the USS Enterprise also had casualties during deployment. Thanks to the wonder that is Facebook and social media it spun out of control at record speed. At first we were aware that there had been a casualty, but did not know who. Everyone was panicked and scared. I don't think I can stress to you how scared we all were. I was about to pack up Baby Girl and go somewhere else just so that if by chance it was  Huzzy, I wouldn't have to see them show up at my door. Besides, if they didn't relay the message then it wasn't real, right?

Whoever is at fault for this should be ashamed of themselves. I can't imagine the pain this woman is going through, but I'm pretty damn sure it would have been better to find out the way regulation dictates. No one should ever find out about the loss of a loved one through text message.

Shame on the Army for giving this information to less than trustworthy individuals.

Shame on the person that thought themselves above OPSEC.

And shame on the wives who kept this going by texting or posting about it on Facebook.

If you haven't already, I highly encourage you to read HouseholdDiva6's OPSEC page. Don't keep it to yourself either. Spread it around. Make sure fellow spouses know what OPSEC means.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

If I Set My Clock On Fire That Will Stop Time, Right?

Before Huzzy got home it seemed as if time was just dragging. Now that the ship is in port and we actually get to see him again time is flying! Thanks to his awesome  duty rotation he's been able to come home a whopping 7 days so far. Not in a row, but hey I'll take them.

I think it's really starting to confuse Baby Girl, but at this point I'm not even worried about it. I'm more concerned about this *gasp* deployment we have coming up. Every day he goes to work he takes more and more on board with him. Really it's just convenient to do it a bit of a time then all at once later on. Plus you are far less likely to forget something if you start packing months in advance. It's still super depressing to watch him gather things together or make up a to-do list. I know what's coming down the road and I do not like it.

I've been trying to come up with hobbies and things to keep me occupied, though it seems as if I'll never have time for the things I actually want to do! When Huzzy is home, I'm certainly not worried about spending time on my shiny new sewing machine. When he isn't home, Baby Girl is sure to keep me busy! Maybe she just doesn't want me to feel lonely, so she fills up all the extra time I have. I love her, but I wish she would fill the time with a little less whining, crying, and sidewalk chalk on my hardwood floor.

In other (less whiny) news, I've spent way more time on Pinterest than is healthy, but I'm loving it all the same. I'm hoping to actually find the time to make some of these awesome projects. By the way, anyone have ideas for where to get *cheap* fabric? I don't want to ruin good (read: expensive) stuff while I'm learning!

DIY Crayon Roll Tutorial
So cute, I want to make a bunch of them up for the kids in the family. They're all little budding artists, you know.

DIY Coaster Set

This looks so simple! Assuming I can get the tissue paper to feed through the printer correctly these will make for awesome, personalized gifts.

DIY Scratch Off

I didn't even know you could make this yourself, but I'm so excited to try now! I'm thinking they'll make great gag lottery tickets around the holidays, or maybe I can incorporate this into a game somehow.

Adorable apron tutorial

This DIY apron tutorial looked so easy and cute that it instantly made my crafts board. Now I just need to find some awesome fabric and make one of my own!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Daycares Make Me Nervous

OK, I'll admit it...I'm scared of daycares.

Maybe it's because I'm a paranoid first time mom. Maybe it's because I watch too much news, or simply that I've heard too many horror stories.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Are Military Moms Single Parents?


If you aren't from a military family, this might seem like a strange question. If you are from a military family, then you've probably heard this before.
"My husband is deploying. Looks like I'm a single parent again."

"I'm a single parent when my husband is gone. I do all the Mommy stuff and the Daddy stuff."

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Expectations vs Reality

Ah, the plight of the first time mom. You want to get your kid everything under the sun. All the toys and things that you would have wanted as a child are now yours to give your your little sprog. Spoil? What? No... Never.

I don't know if it's because I'm slightly OCD (but only on really random things) but Baby Girl's toys have to be just so. Otherwise it drives me insane. I didn't think I was going to be one of those moms. I really hope I grow out of it.

I Love A Good Deal

Note: Don't mind the crappy pictures in this post. Huzzy "fixed" my camera when it broke, so it takes pictures now...but it really just needs to be replaced!

So I'm super excited right now because I found a couple really good deals at the Kmart by me. Stock is going to be different for each store, so the best I can say is go check out yours. Your store may have the same stuff, or you might even be able to find better deals!

Anyway, I ran out with Baby Girl to get milk. I was going to go to Walmart, but they were super busy so we went to the Kmart instead since they're in the same shopping center. And I'm super glad I did!

Apparently no one shops at this Kmart, because they still have Christmas stuff! And it's all 90% off at this point. Score!

These place mats were too cute to pass up (plus, I didn't have Christmas ones yet!) and I only spent $1.90 for 10 of them! They're normally $1.99 each. So I got ten for less than the cost of one! Sweet!

I don't know about you guys, but I get all kinds of excited when holiday baking stuff goes on sale. I mean really, I can use icing anytime of the year! This package of decorative frosting only cost $1! Much better than the normal $10 it used to run!

And even though I have holiday pot holders and dish towels, for $0.49 I couldn't pass these guys up. Only spent $1.47 for the 3 of them. A steal compared to it's normal price of $4.99 each.

Last, but certainly not least, my favorite deal I got there. Hey, you may wonder what I'm going to do with 12 cans of Libby's pumpkin mix, but trust me I have found some wonderful uses for this. Even if I don't use it right away, they don't expire for another two years. I have plenty of time. These guys usually run $1.99 per can but were marked down to $0.49. So it only cost me $5.88 for a dozen cans! I'm in baking heaven right now.

Anyone want a pumpkin pie?!

 What good deals have you found lately?