Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mommy's About To Pull Out All Her Hair

I knew that this deployment was going to be rougher than the last, I just don't think I expected it to be so exhausting!

Ahh, the joys of living with a 2 year old and a puppy! I use the term "puppy" loosely here... Misty is pretty much full grown at this point, but she's still a puppy in terms of her age. Between the dog and Baby Girl I have had to replace and throw out so many things I want to cry.

The worst part is they are a tag team effort. Baby Girl will go hunting for shoes, which Misty will then obediently chew to shreds. We have lost at least 7 pairs of shoes this way. The attachments to our practically new vacuum are toast. Our wonderful, comfy living room chair has been ripped open. Baby Girl likes to pull out all the stuffing and throw it on the floor. There's crayon on my walls, urine stains in my carpet and the garden hose is chewed to shreds.

Actually I'm fairly convinced that the dog is trying to kill me. I didn't have a working house phone for two days because Misty cut the lines from outside. Then I accidentally electrocuted myself while vacuuming because I didn't know she had chewed up a small part of the cable, exposing all the shiny sparky wires within. Did I mention the TV cable that got chewed through last week? Thank God I'm pretty handy with wiring, that I could fix myself. Add to that all the stuff that has broken just because of that wonderful deployment curse....

Last deployment looks like a breeze in comparison. No dog and Baby Girl wasn't even walking yet. Kind of makes me wonder why I was so stressed last time. I'd much rather have that deployment all over again than deal with this one!

Huzzy is, of course, no help at this point. How can he be? Thousands of miles from home all he can really do is listen to me vent and try to offer "solutions". His big solution lately has been to buy the dog some chew toys. Really? I never thought of that!! /sarcasm

Honestly though, the dog doesn't care. I've gotten her dozens of chew toys and still she chews up everything. And Baby Girl helps her do it. I've already lost this war.

Please, is this deployment over yet? I need a vacation!!!

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