Monday, June 11, 2012

Themed Care Package Fun - Staying Healthy

Time for some more care package fun! I've gotten a lot of great feedback from posting these themed care packages. Hopefully that means there will be a lot of happy service members out there getting all these awesome boxes!

If you have a great care package idea send me an email at I love featuring guest bloggers!

Usually I send Huzzy out lots of snacks and candy, but I decided it was time to send him something a little bit healthier. Hopefully the items I've chosen to pack help keep him healthy when he's snacking in between meals. On those days that the galley food is inedible, these meal bars will give him an option besides eating chicken...again...for the 10th day in a row...

It took some maneuvering, but I got it all to fit!

Staying Healthy Care Package

1 big jar of trail mix
2 bottles of 5 hour energy
1 Black Powder Pre-workout drink mix
1 Blender Bottle
4 Boxes of Zone bars (assorted)
4 Boxes of Cliff bars (assorted)
1 Box of mini Slim Jims

Now I packed things that I know Huzzy will like. He uses that workout drink mix like crazy when he's on deployment, and somehow the bottles are constantly getting lost/broken. He's also a big fan of Zone bars and Cliff bars. However there are tons of other meal bars and healthy snack bars out there to choose from, so make sure to pick something your guy will like!


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