Tuesday, February 21, 2012

If I Set My Clock On Fire That Will Stop Time, Right?

Before Huzzy got home it seemed as if time was just dragging. Now that the ship is in port and we actually get to see him again time is flying! Thanks to his awesome  duty rotation he's been able to come home a whopping 7 days so far. Not in a row, but hey I'll take them.

I think it's really starting to confuse Baby Girl, but at this point I'm not even worried about it. I'm more concerned about this *gasp* deployment we have coming up. Every day he goes to work he takes more and more on board with him. Really it's just convenient to do it a bit of a time then all at once later on. Plus you are far less likely to forget something if you start packing months in advance. It's still super depressing to watch him gather things together or make up a to-do list. I know what's coming down the road and I do not like it.

I've been trying to come up with hobbies and things to keep me occupied, though it seems as if I'll never have time for the things I actually want to do! When Huzzy is home, I'm certainly not worried about spending time on my shiny new sewing machine. When he isn't home, Baby Girl is sure to keep me busy! Maybe she just doesn't want me to feel lonely, so she fills up all the extra time I have. I love her, but I wish she would fill the time with a little less whining, crying, and sidewalk chalk on my hardwood floor.

In other (less whiny) news, I've spent way more time on Pinterest than is healthy, but I'm loving it all the same. I'm hoping to actually find the time to make some of these awesome projects. By the way, anyone have ideas for where to get *cheap* fabric? I don't want to ruin good (read: expensive) stuff while I'm learning!

DIY Crayon Roll Tutorial
So cute, I want to make a bunch of them up for the kids in the family. They're all little budding artists, you know.

DIY Coaster Set

This looks so simple! Assuming I can get the tissue paper to feed through the printer correctly these will make for awesome, personalized gifts.

DIY Scratch Off

I didn't even know you could make this yourself, but I'm so excited to try now! I'm thinking they'll make great gag lottery tickets around the holidays, or maybe I can incorporate this into a game somehow.

Adorable apron tutorial

This DIY apron tutorial looked so easy and cute that it instantly made my crafts board. Now I just need to find some awesome fabric and make one of my own!!


  1. You'll find the time I am sure! I usually craft when my little one is napping, after she goes to bed, or if she is having an exceptionally good morning and is able to entertain herself for a few.

    1. I miss naps! Baby Girl has been refusing naps lately, so I won't be getting that quiet time to myself anymore! I'll have to start crafting after she's gone to bed I guess. :)