Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Kitchen Is Trying To Kill Me

Santa was nice enough to bring Huzzy his very own fryer this year, so of course he has to play with it as much as possible. Unfortunately, our house just isn't well ventilated enough to handle it. Huzzy opted to put it right outside our back door on a table and run an extension cord. I wasn't really fond of this idea at first but since my house didn't reek of fried foods afterwards I will chalk this up to a win.

Anyway, since he was doing the main course I thought I would be nice and take care of the sides. Not that I was making anything grand and wonderful, I totally decided to go lazy. That's right folks - box sides. Not that anyone makes it through life without eating regular old Stove Top stuffing anyway, right?

Now, for those of you that have never made Stove Top, it's really easy. Stupid easy. You boil a pot of water and butter, remove it from the stove, pour in the breadcrumbs, stir and cover. Easy-peasy.

Well, I told Huzzy that it wouldn't take long to make, so to let me know when the main course (wings) were almost done. Almost done.

He did not listen.

After I left the kitchen, he decided to turn on the stove and start boiling the water. Said water and butter were already boiling before he even put the wings in the fryer! Annoyed, I turned off the stove and told him again to just let me know when the wings were almost done.

This time he decided to let me know as he was pulling the damn wings out of the fryer. Really? I don't know if he was just trying to irritate me or if he seriously doesn't listen to a word I say. I ran to the kitchen and turned the burner back on, hoping it wouldn't take long for the water to boil.

Huzzy came back inside to say something about the wings, I'm not quite sure what because at that moment my kitchen exploded. OK, that might be exaggerating, but still. The pot with nothing more than water and butter in it literally exploded. My entire kitchen, Huzzy and myself were covered.

After getting over the initial shock and the "Oh my God, are you ok?!" we realized that the water/butter mixture wasn't even hot. What gives?

The only thing I can think of is that after it was boiled and allowed to cool the first time, the butter must have coated the bottom of the pot. Then, when it was reheated, the pressure just built up until it went POP. That's it, kiddos. That's your science lesson for the day.

If I had taken the time to think about this, I probably could have seen it coming. But seriously, who expects a pot of water and butter to explode like that? While I was in the kitchen, furiously wiping everything down with disinfectant wipes, I hear Huzzy call from the dining room.

Huzzy: I'm posting this on Facebook!

Me: Oh no you aren't!

Huzzy: I'm already writing it!

I dropped the wipes and ran to my computer. I sure wasn't getting blamed for this. I put up a quick status message telling everyone no matter what, don't believe what Huzzy says.

I got blamed anyway.

Still, I stand by my excuse that if he had just left the damn stove alone and told me when the wings were almost done it would never have happened. He maintains that I am either a) trying to kill him or b) trying to keep him out of my kitchen.

Do you have any fun kitchen mishap stories you'd like to share?



  1. If it will keep brian out of the kitchen i will do this. Lol
    he never cooks. Never. Not even boiling spaghetti, yet he is always in my way hanging out in the kitchen. The day i got dantes school registration paper i got home and put it on the stove (lack of counter space and no table) and he yells to pick it up. Being a glasstop stove i can't see went its hot cus its only red when its on. I burned a nice big brown circle in the paper cus he actually cooked a.grilled cheese. Ugh.

  2. We have a little griddle if Huzzy wants to cook something like grilled cheese, but mostly he'll starve before making himself food. The only reason he wants to cook now is to play with the fryer. (He's actually trying to make onion rings right now)

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