Saturday, October 29, 2011

Target Deal = Cheap Toy!

Target has up a great deal right now on Squinkies Teatime Surprise. It's normally listed at $11.99, on sale for $7.99 today. Plus if you use the code TGT75HFN you save an extra $5, bringing it down to $2.99. It's free shipping since it's one of their daily deals! With tax it cost a whopping $3.14. Awesome deal! Sorry, looks like it sold out fast! Hope some of you managed to snag one before they ran out!

 Thanks, Hip2Save!

It's That Time Again...

Homecoming was only 3 months ago and it's time to start up all over again. It feels like yesterday Baby Girl and I were waiting for him on pier, trying not to cry or burst with excitement. We have a little while to go before the actual deployment, but like anyone familiar with the military can tell you, there's a lot going on beforehand.

We are now in that time period where he's home, but he's not home. His ship isn't moving, but the hours get longer. The days off fewer. There's so much for them to get ready before the ship can go anywhere, and he's sure to be busy up til the day they leave. Which means I, also, must be busy.

It's just like during the deployment- I have to work to keep myself busy. Whether he's gone 6 days, 6 weeks or 6 months, time seems to drag on without him home. That isn't to say that I'm not occasionally thankful to have a duty day here or there so I can get stuff done without him destroying the house. But I still miss him. Usually.

My favorite part of the last deployment (and there are good parts, I swear) was doing the care packages. I can't explain why I liked it so much. Probably because the whole time I was boxing stuff up I was imagining how happy he was going to be when he saw what I sent. Let's face it, when they're gone the only thing you can do for them is write letters/emails and send care packages. Oh, and pick up the phone at all hours of the day, because it might be them. Deployments are the only time I answer the Unknown Number calls. The couple times I answered and it was a telemarketer on the other end...Well, I'm pretty sure they won't be calling back ever again. The emotional ride of the deployment roller coaster is intense.

But I digress.

Care packages! Yes! I'm already cooking up ideas for his next deployment. Hopefully he'll enjoy them. Luckily for me, he's pretty easy going. And he knows when to just fake excitement for my sake. I've sent some pretty odd things, and he takes it all in stride.

For now I think I'm going to have to put this on hold and relax a bit. It's nice knowing that he'll be home for the holidays,

Don't have a sailor/soldier/airman/marine/coastie to support? Go here and show them you care!


Friday, October 28, 2011

Another Attempt At Playgrouping

For those of you who read my last post about Baby Girl's foray into socializing, you'll be happy to hear that we went back again this week. She was very well behaved! No crying or stealing, no pushing other children at all. This was probably due to the fact that she was exhausted after waking up at 6am.

We only had one problem... A few of the other children were dressed up in their Halloween costumes. There was a ladybug, Woody from Toy Story, and a cow. My child seemed to think it was appropriate to take a toy fork and knife from the kitchenette and continually poke the poor little cow child.

She knows where her dinner comes from apparently.

That aside, she did very well. I'm hoping this isn't just a fluke, I like the idea of being able to actually take her in public without dying of embarrassment. She's also taken up coloring recently. She only tried to eat the crayon a couple times. She's still learning.


Adventures in Baking

For some unknown reason I have 3 boxes of chocolate cake mix in my house. I don't think this would be an issue with anyone else, but I don't eat chocolate cake. Huzzy doesn't seem to eat much chocolate cake. What the hell am I supposed to do with all this chocolate cake?! I asked Huzzy if he would take a cake into work if I made it for him, and he said he would. Awesome. I'll make the guys on the ship eat it. I just hate seeing it go to waste.

He has duty tomorrow and Sunday, so I figured I would make it today for him to take in. Something to cheer them up on long duty days. With Halloween only a couple days away I decided to make his cake...special. I hope they all enjoy it.


I'm Dreaming of a Cheap Christmas...

It isn't even Halloween yet, and I'm already thinking about Christmas. I know that some people think I start too early, but the reality is it is much easier when you do a little here and there over months rather than all at once. I've already made up our Christmas list. I haven't done much shopping yet, but I have a good idea of how much the holidays are going to cost us this year. With so many people in the family it helps to make a list so we don't forget anyone, and also so we can budget ourselves.

This year I found a great gift idea and it's cheap too. Now, this isn't necessarily for everyone, but it works great as a gift for acquaintances, your kid's teachers, the mailman or whoever you need a quick gift for. I would love to say I'm terrible creative, but I actually found this recipe in a magazine while waiting in the check out line at the supermarket!

These jars are ridiculously easy to make, and cost me about $3.75 a piece. I picked up everything at Walmart, not sure how the prices are elsewhere.  

Note - Make sure you buy the 1 quart jars, otherwise it won't all fit!

Christmas Blondie Mix

1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 1/4 cups packed dark brown sugar
1 1/4 cups red and green M&M minis

1. Combine flour, baking powder and salt in a medium bowl and stir well.
2. Pour in ingredients one at a time and layer them from bottom on up. The first couple I did I went flour, brown sugar, candy, brown sugar, candy, brown sugar, flour. To be honest I didn't have much luck with it "stacking" nicely, so I ended up just going flour, candy, brown sugar, flour. Have fun with it!
3. Cover the jar. I didn't have any on hand, but you can use squares of fabric or ribbons to make it looks nice.
4. Attach directions!! It's not going to be a great present if the person who receives it doesn't know how to cook it!

Christmas Blondies

3/4 cup (1 1/2 sticks) unsalted butter, melted and cooled slightly
2 eggs, room temp
2 teaspoons vanilla
1 jar Christmas Blondie Mix (provided by you!)

1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Coat 9-inch square baking pan with nonstick cooking spray.
2. Combine butter, eggs and vanilla in a large bowl; mix well. Stir in Christmas Blondie Mix jar. Mix well. Spread batter evenly into prepared baking pan.
3. Bake 28-30 minutes or until toothpick inserted into center comes out clean. Cool completely in pan on wire rack. Cut into bars.

After all was said and done it cost me about $3.75 each to make these, and I still had a ton of flour and brown sugar left over. You can get it down even cheaper if you happen to have some coupons on hand. Decorate it up a bit, include a copy of the recipe and these will make awesome (and inexpensive) little gifts!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Time for a new hobby....

I'm sure someone is going to disagree with me, but being a stay-at-home-mom is a lot more boring than I expected. I love spending time with my daughter, but at the end of the day I wonder what I've actually accomplished. Cleaning, cooking, coupon clipping, playing with Baby Girl, changing Baby Girl, chasing Baby Girl around the house... It isn't that I'm not busy, I am busy. As wonderful as being a SAHM is, I feel somewhat unfulfilled.

I have always worked. In today's world having a job is a very big deal. It means you can pull your own weight, make your own decisions, pay your own way. It mean freedom. While Huzzy would be perfectly happy with me staying home with the children forever (I think he expects our house to turn into a modern version of The Woman in the Shoe) I feel like I'm contributing nothing to the household. I don't like having to spend his money, even if he calls it our money. I know we save a lot of money not having to pay for daycare, but this will always be a sore spot for me. I'm so used to being able to pay my own way.

Since running off and getting a job isn't really an option right now, I need to find something else to do. The thing is, I'm really not all that creative.

I love baking, but I get frustrated when the food doesn't get eaten fast enough and goes bad. Too many half finished pies have ended up in the trashcan. It isn't that they don't taste good, I just go overboard. I'll decide I want to bake and by the end of the day there are two pies and a few dozen cookies...And I'll have managed to do this right before the guys need to pass weigh-ins. My bad.

I learned how to knit in college, so there's always that. By knit, I mean I learned how to knit a scarf and that's all. I didn't get any further into it, and it doesn't seem like I'm going to. I can knit a helluva scarf though! Maybe I should start now that it's getting colder...

I bought a kit the other day to teach myself how to crochet. It's not going so well. I can crochet that first line no problem, but when I try to get to the second row It goes all wonky. I know, I know. I have to practice. Maybe now is a good time to tell you how incredibly impatient I am.

So really my only new hobby seems to be this blog, which I will admit is amusing me just fine right now. Good think I can type, huh?

What do you do to keep busy?


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tutus and wands and wings, oh my!

So excited! My Halo Heaven order came in today. They were having an awesome sale on tutus, hair clips, wands and a ton of other cute stuff, so of course I had to order some. We have little girls on both sides of the family, and what little girl doesn't want to dress up like a fairy?! These will be getting wrapped up for Christmas, and I know the girls will love them.

The lighting in my dining room is horrible right now, so nothing looks as bright and pretty in these pictures as they do in real life. But the pinks are PINK pink. It's very bright and cheery stuff. If you're interested go check out Halo Heaven's closeout page, the stuff is fairly cheap.

My haul:

5 Wings
5 Wands
8 Tutus

$31.01 shipped. Not bad.

I still have a ton of Christmas shopping to do, but since it isn't even Halloween yet I don't feel too behind.


Mommy Fail

Yesterday I decided that I was going to be a Super Mommy. Recently I have been feeling like I'm failing her somehow. It's wrong to compare your child to other people's kids, but at the same time you know that there are certain milestones kids should hit at a certain point. Baby Girl doesn't say many words, and the few she does say aren't used in the correct context, making me wonder if she knows what she's saying at all. I've tried to work with her on this by pointing out objects and teaching her what they are. She is less than receptive towards my efforts.

Feeling powerless in this area as I'm pretty sure I can't "force" her to speak before she's ready, I turned to things I thought I might have more control over.

Step one? Potty training. Sure, why not? I've heard of lots of kids that train early, so it's not completely impossible. We bought her a cute little pink potty months ago so she could get used to it. It's been sitting unused in our bathroom ever since. So when she woke up yesterday morning I took off her diaper and put on little girl panties. It seemed like a pretty simple concept, and I've had more than a few people suggest it. Put your child in regular panties, and when they wet themselves they will be upset with the discomfort and start to understand what's going on.

I bet this works great with everyone else and their children, but not mine. All it got me was a new chore for the the living room rug. She did actually go and sit on the potty a couple times, but she seems to think it's just a chair. Well, at least she knows you sit on it. That's a step in the right direction I suppose.

I started to wonder if I was pushing a little too hard and too early for this. She's not really communicating, and the more I read up on potty training the more it seemed that we should wait a little while yet. I felt defeated, and I gave up. Yes, I know that I should probably just stick it out. Right now though she doesn't seem to understand what she's doing at all. If she can't recognize that she has to go, then potty training is probably pretty pointless. So this will go on the back burner for another couple months.

In the meantime I'll be taking her in to the bathroom with me when I have to go. I can't force her to potty train early, but maybe this way I can get her to understand what the toilet is for. I hope she isn't one of those kids that potty trains late. Diapers are expensive!

After the whole potty training fiasco you would think I'd give up for the day. Not me. I'm nothing if not stubborn. So it was time to find something else to work with her on.

On Sunday, Huzzy had come across the extra board for her crib. The crib is one of those wonderful convertible cribs, so the side comes off and can be replaced with a small piece of wood just there to keep kids from getting hurt on the metal underneath. He had casually brought up this piece and mentioned that perhaps it was time for her to get used to sleeping in a "bed". If we could get her used to sleeping in a regular bed we could pack up the crib and finally get a little extra space in that room. Sounds great to me! Our house is tiny and packed as it is.

So while Baby Girl was running free in the house (in an actual diaper now) I began disassembling her crib. It was easy enough thank God. She wandered in the room, saw her bed and was immediately excited that she could climb into the bed on her own. I let her at it, figuring it would get old after a while.

A couple hours later I tried to put her down for her nap. She wanted to wander and play. I shut her bedroom door, assuming that she would eventually get tired and pass out somewhere in there. I didn't even care if she fell asleep on the bed, so long as she fell asleep. Baby Girl wasn't bothered by this at all. She seemed to think that it was a wonderful opportunity to play and wreak havoc on everything in her room. After 2 hours of trying to get her to nap, I gave up and put the side of the crib back on. She was asleep 15 minutes later.

I'm pretty sure that if I was doing this the "proper" way, I could have made progress with both of these endeavors. She's my first kid, I really don't know what I'm doing. And I'm weak. She has more willpower than I do at this point. So I will take responsibility here. It isn't that she can't be potty trained right now. It isn't that she can't be taught to sleep in a regular bed right now. It's that I give up. I just don't think it's important enough right now to stress over.

One day I'm going to look back and miss having her running around in nothing but a diaper. I'll miss putting her to bed in her crib and reading her bedtime stories. I'll miss the cuddles that come when you least expect it. So for now I think I'll just enjoy her being as young as she is. We'll try again another day...eventually.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Blah, blah, blah

I'll have some actually mommy-type updates tomorrow. For now I had to get that Facebook bug out of my butt. Tomorrow...potty training. ...Maybe.


The Dish is in a relationship with The Spoon and it's complicated

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook. You tricky thing you. Do you have any idea what a mess you're causing out there? How many friendships and relationships you've ruined? How many people you've gotten fire (or simply not hired)? People are just using you, dear. The use you to get dirt on the people they're taking to court. They use you to cyber stalk people (creepers!). You poor thing. Maybe you should take a day off....

I love Facebook, I do. I am, however, getting tired of hearing that Facebook is responsible for marital issues and divorce. Here's a newsflash for the people out there condemning Facebook: Facebook is a tool! It isn't the be-all-end-all of communication, but it does make it pretty easy to track down old friends from high school. Divorce rates haven't gone up. People are just using this tool for information. So maybe everyone needs to be a little smarter with what they post online. Here's a few good tips I put together for you.

1) It is NEVER a good idea to have your address up on Facebook.

Most people aren't going to make this mistake, but you'd be surprised how many people think it's perfectly safe because their profile is set to "Friend's Only". Once you put something out there, it's out there...forever. Facebook likes to change their privacy settings so often you can never really be sure of who sees what. Do you really want to make it that easy for people to track you down? I mean, besides just the creepers and stalkers there are so many people you could be avoiding: family you don't like, and ex's new boyfriend/girlfriend, that girl at work who has to gossip about absolutely everyone. Seriously, don't let these people know where you live. Trust me, it's easier than you would think to get someone to "friend" you on there.

2) Stop Complaining about your job!

In fact, stop complaining about anyone. People get fired ALL. THE. TIME. for complaining on Facebook about work or co-workers. Is it really worth risking your job? Especially in this economy? Keep your complaints to yourself. Or do what everyone else does, and actually pick up the phone and call someone who cares.

The only people who actually want to read your whiny, bitchy status updates are the drama whores who have nothing better to do. They like to surf Facebook 23 hours a day and leave about 50 comments an hour. Don't feed the damn trolls.

3) Stop complaining about your spouse.

This should have been covered under the previous point, but you need to understand how important this is. Do not ever, ever complain about your significant other on Facebook. If you two have a joke that you both laugh about, fine. Whatever. I'm not talking about the silly things. I'm talking about the "I'm seriously pissed at him" status updates. I'm talking about suddenly changing your relationship status when he doesn't even know you're mad just to see his reaction. All you are doing is damaging your relationship a little more with every character you type.

Now, I am not going to say I don't fight with Huzzy. We get into arguments like every other couple out there. However, I don't feel the need to post it all over Facebook when I'm upset. (I have told him though that I was going to change my status to "widowed", but that was more of a joke since we aren't actually married yet.) You know what the best part of that is? No one is in my business! If we have a rough day, a bad argument, whatever... No one knows. No one to take sides, no one to hold grudges. People have a bad habit of only remembering the negative things they hear about someone. Don't make it easy for someone to dislike the man/woman you love just because you had a fight and decided to bitch to the world.

4) Stop posting pictures of yourself at weird angles making that duck face!

Seriously, stop. You look like a damn idiot. Good luck getting a job, since most employers are doing Facebook checks before hiring people now. Moron.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Would Anyone Help Your Child When Being Abducted?

Before reading any further, watch this video:

This is probably one of the most frightening things I've ever seen. Parents teach their kids to call and yell for help, but what are the kids supposed to do if no one steps in? Honestly the whole video makes me ill. I cannot believe that so many people were willing to just walk on by without doing anything. I understand not everyone feels capable of physically taking out a big guy, but is it so hard to call 911? We all have cell phones now, you only have to press a few buttons. Near the end of the video the man does say that there are different actions for different people. There was in fact at least one woman who was dialing 911. Countless others, however, just walked right by. They turned and watched the drama but did nothing.

The two men who ran after the "child abductor" and the little girl made me want to cry. It made me feel a little better knowing there are some people out there who are willing to take a risk and do what is right. If that had been an actual abduction they probably would have beaten the crap out of the guy. As amazing as that was, this is over all a very, very scary story.

There are too many people who are afraid to get involved in the world around them. If it was their child that was being abducted though, I'm sure they would be freaking out over the fact that no one was stepping in to help. If adults aren't going to heed a child's cries for help, how can you keep them safe? This isn't a problem found within one country or one culture. One look at recent news tells you that. What an incredibly sad world we live in.

With stories like these, it would be so easy to live in constant fear. Look closer though and you'll find amazing stories out there. They might not back headlines, but they are no less amazing. Like the woman who died pushing her kid out from a train's path, the woman who was shot to death while trying to shield children, the mother who refused chemo because it would hurt her unborn baby, or the 15 year old who jumped in to rescue a 7 year old boy who was being attacked by dogs. 

 Clearly there are still people among us who are willing and able to help others, even when it comes at a high personal cost. Thank goodness, because there are countless others who are more than happy to walk away from a tough situation.


Friday, October 21, 2011

Toddler Socializing 101

When I first found out that we were expecting, there were a number of things I wanted to do for my child. I wanted her to have things I never had, go places I'd never been and generally have the best of everything. Most parents feel the same way to some extent. Everyone wants their child to be better off than they were. In my idealistic daydreams I never considered anything but money would keep me from doing this, and since she is our first child and we are fairly stable financially, it seemed we were set. I never thought it would be my child that kept me from being able to do great and wonderful things for her.

I stopped working when Baby Girl was 8 months old, and was excited to be able to spend so much time with her. I didn't need to take her to daycare anymore, I could spend all day playing with her! I didn't have to worry that someone would tire of teaching her, I could take care of that myself. My child would want for nothing! Great, right?

Good Lord but I underestimated how energetic kids are. She exhausts me on a daily basis. Once upon a time I could entertain thoughts of hiring a sitter and going out for a date night. In reality, I'm so exhausted by the time she goes to bed I barely have the energy to watch a DVD or play online. I couldn't tell you the last time Huzzy and I went out somewhere without her. Admittedly, it's also been hard to allow someone to watch her. But even if I wasn't ridiculously overprotective, I'm still too damn tired to do anything.

I also felt kind of bad for her. We don't have family nearby, so there are no cousins to play with. She's our only child (for now) so no little brothers or sister to torment either. All Baby Girl has around her are adults, and it seemed wrong. Kids should have other kids to play with, right? Playgroups are fairly common, how hard could it be to find one with children around her age?

Harder than you would think. And the children aren't the worst part. It's usually the other moms I can't stand. I guess that's a little harsh really. It's not that I can't stand them, it's just that we have nothing else in common to chat about besides the fact that we've both given birth. Yet they will continue to talk my ear off about the most random thing, forcing me to feign interest.

Once I had taken Baby Girl to a play area in the mall so she could tire herself out and I could relax a little. This wasn't even a play group, it was just random kids and their parents. Another mom came and sat right next to me (and I mean right next to me, which was a little awkward, there was plenty of room) and asked me which kid was mine. I pointed out my daughter and then politely asked which was hers. She pointed out a little boy maybe a year or two older than Baby Girl. Then without even waiting to get my name or do basic small talk, she launched into this lengthy, unpleasant personal sob story. It was so uncomfortable I wanted to run and hide. I do not even know who this woman is, yet here she was telling me all sorts of things that I wouldn't tell anyone but my best friend and maybe, maybe family. She must have really needed someone to talk to, but I'm just not up for that kind of a challenge.

After giving up on the various playgroups I stumbled across, I started looking into classes. Even at 15 months it's amazing what you can find out there. If I wanted to I could sign her up for dance/ballet or gymnastics or a myriad of other classes. It seemed pretty damn wasteful though, spending $50+ a month just so I could see her in a cute outfit. In my opinion she's just too young to get much out of it. Maybe in another year or so.

So the search continued. I found the library's website and was surprised to find that they had classes for little kids. It seemed like a great idea. It was free, extremely close to home and it was only 5 classes. So I called them, signed her up and felt relief. I found something for her to do! There would be other children, and if it was terrible we wouldn't have wasted money. An hour and a half on a Friday morning wasn't much to sacrifice. Of course, I couldn't do this on my own, what if the other moms were nuts? So I convinced a friend of mine to sign her daughter up for it as well.

The only thing I was concerned about was whether the other children were going to be nice, or a crazy wild bunch that I would have to protect my sweet baby from. No problem, I'm bigger than they are. I can totally take a two year old. I was not prepared for the reality - My child was the problem! I should have seen this coming really. She has little to no experience with other kids and she's definitely starting to show that toddler possessiveness. I was still shocked and embarrassed as I had to follow her around the room the entire time, giving toys back to children she had stolen them from, and making sure she didn't throw a tantrum and start hitting. She's not a violent kid, but I wasn't taking any chances. I felt like the worst mom ever.

 The women running the program just laughed and told me not to worry about it, that all kids go through that stage. I'm sure it's because she's my first kid and I don't know better, but I swear Baby Girl was a terror. At least she wasn't screaming and making a huge scene, so that's a plus.

 I really didn't want to go back. Screw it, I didn't pay for anything! I was embarrassed enough! And the following week we did miss it, but that was a car issue. But today I am happy to report we went back, and she was (slightly) better. She was a little too interested in one of the babies, but I don't think she realized he was a real live person. She probably thought he was a doll. A doll she thought would taste good. Or maybe my kid is part zombie. Who knows.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Don't Wanna Grow Up.... I'm a Video Game Junkie!

I don't get to play video games nearly as much as I used to. It's a sad fact of life that eventually you will grow up and find that there are better things to do than waste your life away with a video game controller in your hand. That is not to say that you won't have relapses.

When I was younger I was purely into console gaming. I didn't bother with computer games, mostly because I didn't have the money to buy a decent computer and my mom wasn't upgrading the POS Gateway computer everyone had back in the day. I wasted a ridiculous amount of time playing on my Playstation, and then on my Playstation 2. I still have both consoles, though they are most definitely out of date. I have a stack of my old favorite games that I couldn't bear to part with. Though I may not pop in FFVII or Chrono Trigger anytime soon, I know there are waiting patiently beneath a thick layer of dust. Always ready for me.

At some point, several years ago, I was introduced to an entire different kind of game. It wasn't terribly interesting to me at first. It was played on a computer, and so I had to move out of my comfort zone a little. I survived the transition, but we now have a love/hate relationship. Yes, World of Warcraft, I'm talking about you. After spending way too much time playing it I can finally say that I get bored of it and take a considerable amount of time off here and there. But it's always on standby. My account is never cancelled, even if I go a week or two between log-ins. Blizzard owns a small part of my soul. (And my wallet.)

Other than WoW I haven't played very much in video games for years. I will occasionally start up my DS and play whatever I have lying around, but I don't go out looking for new games. I just don't have the time to devote to them. With one precious exception.

The Professor Layton games are the first I've had any real interest in for a long time. I don't remember how I came across the first one. It may have been a gift, I'm not sure. All I know is that when a new one gets released I'm practically salivating in front of the display window, tugging on Huzzy's sleeve and begging. Our kids are really going to learn some great techniques on getting their way - I totally got my game.

This one has a little step up over the previous games though - it actually has a mini game within it. And while I haven't had a whole lot of time to play (I do still have a kid to watch) I will say that I am happy with my recent purchase (Thanks Huzzy!).

I'm not getting any younger here, and really I thought I would have to give up video games by now. Or maybe I just expected to wake up and be an adult one day. Thank God. It seems maturity is optional.

Wait, so the TV isn't a babysitter?

So apparently television is bad for you kids. This is hardly a surprise, they've been telling us this for years. My daughter is under 2, so she shouldn't watch any tv. That's right, she shouldn't watch so much as a single episode of Sesame Street. So what does this tell us?

We are all

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Duty Days...

My opinion of duty days varies from loving it to loathing it depending on the day. I will freely admit that sometimes it is nice to have him OUT OF MY HOUSE for a day so I can actually get things clean or just have some quiet time. It absolutely amazes me how quickly he can destroy a perfectly clean house. Other days I hate it. I just want him to walk in the door after a long day of running after our daughter and spend some quality time together as a family.

I guess I should actually introduce myself, huh?

Assuming that anyone gets around to reading this thing, I suppose I should give you guys a little idea of who I am. I don't really bother to add things to my profile. If someone is that interested in learning about me they can read the blog.

My name is Jennifer, I'm a SAHM of a beautiful, demonic 15 month old who drives me absolutely insane on a daily basis. She's the best thing that has ever happened to me. Unfortunately for her, she's also my first and only (for now) child, so she's the "experiment" child. I'm not really sure what I'm doing. I went to the hospital and they sent me home with a baby. I've looked into adopting a dog and they make you do visits and home checks and everything... But this wonderful hospital just handed me a baby and said good luck. So... That's not my fault.

I left the military (Navy) back in March, but we're still a military family. Daddy is still active duty so I get to deal with all the military stuff still... just from the family member's side this time. We finished up one deployment earlier this year. There's another on the way. JOY!

And so begins a blog...

It seems these days everyone has a blog. Of course, it's easy enough. Some people have blogs that are "written" by pets or babies. Inanimate objects have their own Facebook and Twitter accounts. So it was just a matter of time before I started a blog of my own. I've toyed with the idea for a long time, but am only now getting around to it. Why? Because I'm bored out of my mind!

I left work back in March and I've been a SAHM ever since. I love it. And hate it. Most SAHMs can understand that. It's hard to find someone to can complain to about it though. We have it just SO good, don't we? And there are a lot of great things about it. And a lot of crappy things as well.

No one I know will be reading this. I doubt many people (if any) will stumble across this blog. But I'm going to start writing in it because dammit, I want to. This is my own personal brand of therapy. Let's face it, there's a reason why housewives go nuts eventually.