Monday, December 12, 2011

Look At Me, Being All Social And Stuff


Hey! It's been a couple days, huh? Well, I'm happy to report that I've actually been somewhat busy. At least, more than usual. 

As I mentioned before, I've decided that I am going to try to be more active with the FRG and with meeting people than I was the previous deployment. I went to the FRG meeting on Wednesday and even let Baby Girl play at the daycare there while I was in the meeting. And she didn't die or anything! It's been pretty hard for me to trust anyone enough to watch her, but this probably isn't a big deal to most of you. For me though, it was like a Mommy Milestone. So far she doesn't seem scarred, so that's good. Actually she didn't even notice me leave. Baby Girl ran off to play with the toys and didn't look back. Ungrateful brat!

Anywho, where was I? Oh yes, I went to the meeting on Wednesday. And it went swimmingly. There were more people than I expected, but a lot less than I remember there being the last time I was there. Of course the deployment hasn't started, so I'm sure the number will swell once that happens. So far there isn't any drama (that I've seen at least) and I met a couple nice people. Most of the FRG board members are new, and I have to say so far I really like them. I hope this trend of awesomeness continues.

Saturday I met up with everyone for the FRG Meet and Greet. I was actually running late and was worried that I had missed them, but I found everyone just fine. They stopped in at a frozen yogurt shop for a while and everyone kind of just hung around chatting. For probably the first time ever (which isn't much really since I haven't gone to many of these) I didn't feel like a total social pariah. I talked. I WAS TOTALLY SOCIAL. It didn't even hurt...much. After the yogurt shop everyone took their kids to go see Santa. It was a cute idea, I just wish Baby Girl wasn't so petrified of him. Even after explaining that this was the guy who was bringing Elmo she was still afraid. Oh well.

Today was a fairly laid back day. We took a trip to Michael's for finger paints and went food shopping. Also caught up on the really fun stuff. Dishes and laundry and vacuums, oh my! Tomorrow we're going to visit one of the Navy wives and make Christmas ornaments. So exciting, I know. But hey, at least I'm getting out of the house!

In other news, I caught the latest episode of Once Upon A Time tonight. You probably want to stop reading if you don't want any spoilers. You've been warned!

So tonight's episode... Well, we finally "found out" who the Sheriff was supposed to be. I'm not sure there were many people who hadn't guessed it already. Honestly, I was so convinced he was the Huntsman that I thought they had already mentioned it. Apparently they didn't, but it was pretty obvious. The episode was made even more amusing since Jennifer Morrison was live tweeting through the whole episode. I wasn't feeling many warm and fuzzies her way by the end however. She mentioned that the last scene was her favorite so far, and I couldn't wait to see what this epicness was going to consist of.

Once again they delved into a character's past (fairy tale land) life, explaining more and more of who they are. This time it was (duh) the Huntsman. Now, I liked him from the start, but once it was revealed that he was sleeping with the mayor the yuck factor was enough to throw me off. This episode makes you love him all over again. He's a very interesting character, and I really enjoy the little twists and turns they throw into these fairy tale stories.

I thought the character development was great, and was practically on the edge of my seat watching him and Emma. Emma started to break down those walls a little, and Jennifer Morrison's acting has always impressed me.

And then they killed him. What the what?! I cursed at the TV. I wailed on Twitter. I am displeased.

From a storyline stand point, I understand why they did it. I would probably have done the same thing. While watching the Sheriff as he slowly began to remember who he was, I was already wondering how long this show could drag out for if people were already completely remembering themselves. Surely the curse would be broken within a few more episodes. Drat. To fix this, they simply killed him off (in a completely heart wrenching manner...pun intended) and prevented him from telling anyone anything. Emma must have some clue, but she's so rational that I doubt it is going to do much in the short term.

From a personal stand point I wanted to cry. Why must you kill off this character that I have only just begun to know and love? Damn you writers. Damn you.

The only thing I really hate is having to wait until January for more. Blah.

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